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The VMware Communities are an interesting beast. I’ve not really bothered with them in the past, possibly because I feel there’s nothing I can add. But upon reading them recently, I’ve noticed something which is a bit weird and possibly interesting (but probably not).

There have been enough posts of this type for me to notice. An example:

Example of odd posts on VMware communities
Example of odd posts on VMware communities

The posts all follow this structure – Link to an author who appears to be unrelated to anything, link to a VMware knowledgebase article that is probably related to the question, give a publication name and product version, then finish with a one sentence question.

There are many posts which follow this format, people scramble to answer them for some internet points, and the original poster probably never comes back. It strikes me as odd, and I wonder if someone is trying to game the system somehow. Although, from what I’ve seen, the original poster only ever makes one or 2 posts. Maybe it’s a really weird way that VMware are providing training data to Ava?

I did also spot a user who just seemed to post test posts, with no real information/value to them.

User who seemingly only posts tests to the forums.
A whole bunch of test posts from a user.

People’s pursuit of internet points is all just a bit weird.

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