Amazon Lightsail and DNS

So, Amazon Lightsail is a nice idea. You can host all kinds of things with it, pretty simply and pretty cheaply (oh, hi this website!) Something I found to be missing was the explanation of how to get DNS to work correctly. I wrote it off to updating my NS records after the initial response had been cached. So, waited patiently for 48 hours long hours. No joy.

Re-read the documentation. Yes, all happy that I’d followed that. Still nothing. Deleted the zone in Lightsail to re-create it. Still nothing. Well, this is frustrating!

What I found to be missing (and missing from the documentation) is that if you update your NS records in a Route 53 hosted domain, you have to also delete the hosted zone in Route 53. I only found this by chance when I noticed that the updated NS records I’d created didn’t match what I was seeing in the Route 53 control panel. How annoying! The Amazon documentation would work beautifully if you register your domain with another registrar, but falls short when using their own services. Continue reading Amazon Lightsail and DNS

That boring first entry

We all like to think we’re important…

So, this is just an excuse to take some notes on the things I’m doing. I’m sure another voice is needed on the internet to give their opinions and explain how someone did things. Right?

I suspect this will mostly be about home automation, bits of script/code, and things I get up to with Virtualisation. Let’s see how this goes.